We are hoping that 2022 will bring with it some form of normality and to celebrate it we are pleased to announce that we will be holding not just One but two Wade Lectures this year.

Our 51st Wade Lecture is set to be a fascinating one being given by Professor Graham Alexander MacGregor CBE

Graham MacGregor is a professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine Queen Mary University of London. Chairman of: “Consensus Action on Salt and Health” (CASH), “World Action on Salt and Health” (WASH)
& “Action on Sugar” & “Blood Pressure U.K.”

Professor MacGregor has campaigned over many years, and with worthwhile effect, to reduce the amounts of sugar and salt in processed foods.

Action on Salt
“Reducing dietary sodium would save thousands of lives every year”.
Graham MacGregor

Action on Sugar
“The socially deprived and children are being targeted heavily by very clever people and it’s a disgrace. Fast-food outlets are in socially deprived areas and every-one is selling fat, sugar and death.” Graham MacGregor
Put the date in your diary. It should be an interesting and informative evening!

The event will be held on 24th March at 6.15pm. Tickets can be reserved by clicking the link picture below: